Rockwood T-Shirts Return

After the great success of our Rock the Block neighborhood celebration, we heard dozens of neighborhood comments regarding the Rockwood t-shirts. These t-shirts were created through a collaborative process with Grafletics, Inc., the Urban Renewal Staff, and input given by Rockwood community members like you.

Now, in celebration of groundbreaking for the Rockwood Rising Project, Grafletics will be offering Rockwood-logo t-shirts for a limited time following the June 12 groundbreaking ceremony! This line of Rockwood-logo shirts will be available only for these few weeks, and for each item purchased Grafletics will donate one free shirt to a student at The Boys and Girls Club in Rockwood.

Help spread the word, celebrate the neighborhood, and donate to our neighborhood kids. Grab yours here!

Photo courtesy of POIC + RAHS

Photo courtesy of POIC + RAHS

The Story Behind the Logo

In the fall of 2017, our friends at Grafletics, Inc. hosted a brainstorming session inside the Sunrise Center on East Burnside, to gather input from Rockwood residents about what kind of image they’d like to see representing their neighborhood. The result pays homage to Rockwood’s MAX line, the Plaza del Sol, and the strong bonds that community members have with one another.

Rockwood Logo and Description.PNG

The logo made its preliminary launch at Rock the Block 2018, where it was given out to attendees on free stickers and t-shirts. The community response was overwhelmingly positive, and all 500 t-shirts were given out within the first few hours of the event.

Photo courtesy of POIC+RAHS

Photo courtesy of POIC+RAHS

Since many community members were unable to get a t-shirt, Grafletics has made them available on their website until June 30, 2019. Join us in rocking our Rockwood shirts!

The Rockwood Rising project is a public-private partnership designed to build an economic engine in the heart of our neighborhood. For more information email us at or call 503-618-3208.