Partner Spotlight: Portland OIC + Rosemary Anderson High School


Rockwood Rising is proud to partner with Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center + Rosemary Anderson High School (POIC + RAHS), who have been doing great work in Rockwood for over a decade, and who will eventually coordinate the culinary apprenticeship program in the Rockwood Rising Catalyst Site.  POIC + RAHS specialized in reconnecting youth who have been alienated by poverty, family instability, and homelessness, and provide wraparound educational and career support from high school through early adulthood.  Part of the team has recently opened their development offices in the Rockwood Community Office, making this once-vacant building full of Gresham service providers who will be a part of the project when construction is complete


Rockwood Rising Staff are now partnering with the City of Gresham's Communication team to produce a series of videos on the great work already occurring in the neighborhood.  President and CEO Joe McFarrin sat down recently to talk about the ways POIC's vision works in conjunction with the Rockwood Rising project:

To learn more about the many services our partners provide, visit the POIC + RAHS website.  To speak with a member of the Rockwood Rising Project's staff, send an email to or call (503) 618-3208.