Yesenia Delgado

One motivated program fellow for the non-profit, Active Children Portland, partnered up with Ricki Ruiz to co-found the Rockwood Initiative. Her initiative helped transform a neglected roller rink in Rockwood into the Snake Park Futsal court. Snake is an acronym for Sports, Neighbor, Action, Knowledge, and Empowerment. As a co-founder of Rockwood Initiative, she knows that sports brings people together, and there are unused and misused places that can be invested in to do just that, to change the way we use our public spaces. She is about changing patterns when the patterns aren’t working. Now Snake Park fosters a new safe place for strangers who share Rockwood as a home to meet each other.

This is an excerpt from Rockwood Stories, a partnership between Centennial Park School and Portland State University in the Spring of 2016.  Writing credit: Zachary Schomburg.  Photography: George Berberis, Christine Dong, and Ethan Allen Smith.  See more