Lee Dayfield

One visionary former member of Gresham’s tree preservation committee called upon the magic of the people to turn a forgotten park hidden by an 8-foot-tall fence and barbed wire, overgrown shrubbery and a locked gate, into a accessible public land called Nadaka Nature Park. Nadaka is a magical jewel that now shines in the middle of the neighborhood for the benefit of everyone. She started an organization called Friends of Nadaka, which has inspired so many others to chip in with 4 years of clean up efforts. Now the gate is open for all, and a community garden, a play area, and festivals are on their way.

This is an excerpt from Rockwood Stories, a partnership between Centennial Park School and Portland State University in the Spring of 2016.  Writing credit: Zachary Schomburg.  Photography: George Berberis, Christine Dong, and Ethan Allen Smith.  See more at:friendtorship.org.