Dina Dinucci

One former chairwoman of the Rockwood Business Coalition started a small business in the heart of Rockwood, Park Place Coffee and Crepes. In addition to caffeinating and feeding her community, the point was to invest in the neighborhood, to attract other businesses, and to be a place where people could meet with each other face to face. Her coffeeshop was a place where people could walk in for coffee, and walk out understanding something more about how to be involved in their community. She is a community leader who wants to find a chance to change the way her community interacts for the better, and Park Place Coffee was only one of those chances she was brave enough to take.

This is an excerpt from Rockwood Stories, a partnership between Centennial Park School and Portland State University in the Spring of 2016.  Writing credit: Zachary Schomburg.  Photography: George Berberis, Christine Dong, and Ethan Allen Smith.  See more at:friendtorship.org.