Catherine Nicewood

One determined president of the Rockwood Neighborhood Association is battling the stereotypes of Rockwood by working with churches, non-profits and Rockwood Business Coalition to get people out of their neighborhoods to meet each other, to build up her neighborhood of Rockwood’s reputation and pride. Her association is doing the work of promoting, preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Rockwood by organizing volunteers, cleaning up grafitti, establishing neighborhood watch groups, and organizing a National Night Out. Where others are overwhelmed with complacency, she sees a quest for improvement, a chance for an ethnically-diverse community to thrive and grow.


This is an excerpt from Rockwood Stories, a partnership between Centennial Park School and Portland State University in the Spring of 2016.  Writing credit: Zachary Schomburg.  Photography: George Berberis, Christine Dong, and Ethan Allen Smith.  See more at: