Rockwood Rising Phase One Plans Approved

On July 13, the Gresham Redevelopment Commission Advisory Committee recommended that that Schematic Design move forward, and on July 19, the Gresham Redevelopment Commission directed the Executive Director to issue a notice to proceed into Design Development.

From the Gresham Outlook:

The design is as ambitious as it is unique, using the resources and space available to create a layout that will draw the community together.

They focused on using inviting materials and colors, and tried to keep as many sight lines from the roadways as possible into the interior of the site.

“We want people to have a natural desire to walk across the space,” Brown said, “drawing the flow of people through and into the area.”

The basic concept is a large public square, vibrant pedestrian streets, mixed-use buildings, parking spaces for visitors and a market hall that will serve as the crown jewel.

The market will be an iconic building that will become associated with the reclaimed idea of Rockwood as a neighborhood.