Unique factors may be driving real estate investment decisions in Portland's suburbs

Excerpt from The Portland Business Journal:

Guest columnist Alisa Pyszka on how a community's story and its walkability can help meet the needs of citizens, employers and investors.

Recently, the Urban Land Institute hosted a great webinar regarding national forecasts for the economy and real estate.

...When a community can define what it is, where it wants to go and how it will get there, a story emerges.

And for the real estate world, this story is important if you want to attract investments.

One of the best stories I have seen lately is by the city of Gresham. They are very focused on enhancing a challenging area: the Rockwood community, a diverse neighborhood within the city. After numerous plans and development concepts over the years, they have honed in on a compelling project by meeting the needs of the community through access to food and entrepreneurship ( Rockwood Rising ). In addition, their public investments appropriately focus on creating a walkable area that connects to the surrounding areas...

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