The Rockwood Rising Redevelopment Project has one central goal: EMPOWERMENT

Rockwood is one of the youngest, most diverse neighborhoods in Oregon, and a big opportunity for new development.  Here, 60+ languages are spoken, and a thriving food scene includes traditional fare and cuisine as diverse as the many cultures that call this place home. Rockwood Rising's mission is to bring our neighborhood revitalization without displacement, empowering residents to build prosperity for themselves and their families. 

Since 2014, project staff have been meeting with community members in schools, churches, libraries, coffee shops, and other gathering places to engage the neighborhood on this project. These community conversations directly informed the project's design, and identified the services and amenities that Rockwood residents desired most.

2014-2017 Community Conversation Summary

2014-2017 Community Conversation Summary

The result of these comments is a plan for a new "economic engine" in the heart of Rockwood, a development that would not only alleviate the symptoms of poverty, but provide the pathways out of it. 

After the selection of RKm Developers in Winter 2015, developer Roy Kim and lead architect Matt Brown of YB-A Architects also began collecting community feedback on the project's design and amenities, resulting in the following development design, now under construction:

Rockwood Rising: Design Development Renderings

Public Plaza:

Enjoy three new play structures, a public splash pad, and space to gather with your neighbors for outdoor programming like concerts, farmer's markets, and cultural celebrations.

Building A: Innovation Hub

Take classes in digital literacy and coding, get assistance in finding and applying for jobs, or receive the training you need to start your own small business in the Innovation Hub.

Building B: Retail and Residential

Receive healthcare or begin training for a job in the healthcare field, shop in locally-owned small businesses, or take advantage of over 100 new workforce housing units.

Building C: Market Hall

Buy healthy, culturally-relevant food and household products in the market hall, launch your own small business or pop-up stand, and rent time in the public commissary kitchen to create your own food products for sale.